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Arts &

Theatre playbills, concert posters, favorite artwork, literature, celebrity news, and so much more for your browsing entertainment.


Are you an automotive enthusiast? Find auto manuals, pictures, specs, and more.

Beauty &

Find the latest tips and trends in clothing, hair, and makeup.

Business &

Business journals, articles, job descriptions, and resumes. Find expert business resources to help you stay ahead.

Causes &

Promote your charities and interest groups by sharing flyers, newsletters, and other information.


Spread knowledge around the world. Lesson plans, research papers, learning materials, and study guides.


Get financial tips and investment ideas from community shared investment experts.


Share and compare screen captures of your high game scores, get the latest info on upcoming games, and view cheat guides and walkthroughs.

Health &

Improve your health and expand your knowledge with tips, diet plans, workout routines, and medical information.

Home &

Get tips and tricks from experts and enthusiasts in home improvement, lawn care, gardening, and more.


Ready for a good laugh? Browse our collection of comics, memes, and other funny things from around the web.


Need a web designer or a new host for a website? Want to learn more about SEO? Look here for information from experts that can help.

Legal &

Legal and government documents and information. Looking for law firms? Find it here.


Contribute pictures of your favorite spots around the world, pamphlets about your favorite parks, or even PowerPoints about how to conserve energy and how to create a sustainable future.

News &

Do you have something the world needs to know about? Post your favorite news files in PDF, campaign contributions information from Excel, or handouts from your local politicians.


Have something you’ve written in Word, created a GIF, or edited on your own in Adobe Photoshop? my.edocr is the perfect platform to show others your fantastic work.

Real Estate &

This is the perfect platform for professional real estate agents to store and share their rental and listing information in an easy to read and share format. You can even host and share your CAD files, so your clients have access to home layouts and information on their time.


Increase your knowledge of the world around you. Read about the latest scientific findings, share your scholarly work, learn about different topics affecting our world, and see what scientists are currently working on.


Updates on all of your favorite sports teams, including statistics, game reviews, infographics, and opinion content.


Want to learn more about where the future is headed? See what developers are working on, read product reviews, and share your favorite content with everyone.


Share your love for travel with the world. Post your favorite pictures from your vacation, learn about hidden gems, and read expert reviews on destinations from around the world.